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Mission: Leading organizations have been brought together by the World Bank as partners to form the Climate-Smart Planning Platform with the objective of helping developing country practitioners strengthen their climate-smart planning so that it leads to better policy and investment implementation.
How: By giving practitioners easy access to the tools, data, and knowledge that they need for climate-smart planning.
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Steps: Steps: Example:
Select your country or Territory Ghana

Push this button to get historical and future GCM climate data, climate impacts, and vulnerabilities for the selected country or territory


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  Refine your search in the provided search box to get documents that are more specific to your planning needs from all the web sites of our partner organizations Ghana Accra urban development
Go to the home page and look for the tools, data and knowledge that you need for your specific project or task.
You can either:

For an urban development project you might do several searches for tools, data and knowledge products each with different search terms like:

Energy modeling
Vehicle emissions
Browse by: Use the five filters to select what you need then click GO
1: Climate Resilient Development
Low Carbon Development
Screening, Monitoring & Evaluation
2: Product Type
3: Scope/Extension
4: Sector
5: Planning Process Steps
  Then fine-tune the filters on the left of the search results to narrow down your selection
Search by:

Enter your search terms in the field and press Enter.

Then fine-tune the filters on the left of the search results to narrow down your selection:
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Websites of our Partners:
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