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Join the Climate-Smart Planning Platform


We invite partners, collaborators and organizations to join and support us in developing and expanding the Climate-Smart Planning Platform initiative. We welcome you to contact us with your ideas, suggestions, tools and data at

Build a community

By joining the platform as partners or accredited contributors, you can share skills and products. You can also gain higher visibility through your expertise, your contributions to tools, data, and knowledge; and through your participation in online discussions and review.

Organizations and individual users participating in the community are able to provide feedback on tools and datasets and to contribute to an open dialogue on how to improve their usefulness. You also have free access to our built-in wiki where they you share:

  • Beta versions of new models for development and public testing
  • Versions of tools on the Climate-Smart Planning Platform that have been adapted to local needs
  • Models populated with data for specific projects and countries
  • Datasets that they have developed
  • Knowledge in the form of case studies, reports and the creation of wiki pages

Elements of crowd-sourcing from an active and participatory community will help improve toolkits, the acquisition of datasets, and the wide-spread dispersion of knowledge and capacity building.

Combined with capacity-building functions, the platform can help integrate climate change impacts into sustainable planning exercises of developing countries and enhance investment readiness through the identification of financeable programs for climate action. Using a host of communications tools – such as communities of practice, webinars, and video conferences – the platform aims to create a South-South network of experts who will assist in the continuous development of the platform. This initiative intends to further strengthen linkages with existing planning platforms and donor support programs.

Interested in contributing to the platform? Contact us at

Contributing data

One goal of the Climate-Smart Planning Platform is to expand the quality and quantity of available datasets for climate-smart development planning – particularly in areas where data gaps prevent the use of existing resilience and low-carbon development models and tools. Our strategy is to develop a data catalog from accredited contributors that anyone can access, and to encourage users and other organizations to contribute their own datasets (or expand and improve on existing datasets via the built-in wiki). If you are interested in contributing data, please contact us at

Contributing tools

The Climate-Smart Planning Platform will offer trusted, proven tools from its partners and accredited contributors that anyone can access.

The platform will also let users publish their own models, methods, procedures, check-lists and methodologies via the built-in wiki. They may be completely original and add to the scale and depth of toolkits provided on the platform, or adaptations and modifications of other open-source tools to better fit local needs and conditions.

If you are interested in contributing toolkits, please contact us at