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IRELP is a multi-stakeholder partnership to offer and promote renewable energy learning and career opportunities. Developing a robust and highly skilled labor pool is the central motivator behind the initiative. The foundation of a strong workforce will be pivotal in the global transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources. The International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) estimates that in 2012 there were as many as 5.7 million people employed either directly or indirectly in the renewable energy sector. Yet despite this, there remains a critical shortage of skilled personnel to develop, design, finance, build, operate and maintain renewable energy projects. This shortage represents one of the greatest barriers to the wider diffusion of renewable energy technologies.

IRELP’s vision and mission is to: i) Create awareness about skills gaps and labor shortages in the renewable energy sector; ii) raise the profile of renewable energy as an attractive career option; iii) increase awareness of, and accessibility to renewable energy education opportunities and resources; iv) assist, where possible, in the adaptation of education and training structures to enable a global renewable energy transition; and v) encourage governments to include skills and education components in renewable energy policies.

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