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IDRIS+, the IDRC Development Research Information System is a comprehensive database of IDRC project information.  Content includes project titles, abstracts, and funding information for all IDRC projects since 1970. 

Through English and French search interfaces, you can find IDRC project activities by keyword, subject, geographical area, project number and recipient.

The International Development Research Center Information Service offers a number of search screen and search result customization options.

Search screens:

  • Basic Search: To perform a simple search query by Keywords, Title or Project Number.
  • Advanced Search: To perform a complex search for information about projects, project recipients and/or donors
  • Combined Search: To combine and further refine search results. 

Search Results and Format Display screens

  • Search Results screen: The Search Results screen displays retrieved project records.  Records can be selected for customization on the Summary Report - List screen.
  • Summary Report -  List screen: The Summary Report -  List screen displays selected project records for viewing, sorting, reformatting and exporting to other applications.
  • Long Format: To view the complete project record, select the long report format. Records can be viewed as a scrolling list or one record per page.
  • Short Format: To view key project record fields, select the short format. Records can be viewed as a scrolling list or one record per page.
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