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EDGE is free software that helps to design green buildings in more than 100 countries. It calculates operational savings and reduced carbon emissions for buildings as measured against a base case.

  • Design - enter your building parameters, then choose technical solutions to view the advantages of building green. Create an account and begin designing within minutes.
  • Achieve - reach the EDGE standard when 20% efficiency is met in energy, water, and embodied energy in materials. EDGE calculates your utility savings and reduced carbon footprint.
  • Certify - for a small investment, obtain EDGE certification and increase the marketability of your building project.

Underlying the user-friendly interface is a sophisticated set of country-specic calculations that create a single picture of building performance over time—making EDGE an effective intervention tool in combating climate change.

EDGE reveals the most critical solutions for going green and captures the capital costs and projected operational savings at the early conceptual stage.EDGE provides country-specifi­c advice for the most relevant project information.

EDGE is hosted on a user-friendly, Excel-based platform to avoid investment in proprietary software.EDGE can be utilized by competent building professionals without the need for expensive green building specialists.EDGE can be used to assess risk reduction for residential owners interested in green mortgages.

Input your building parameters and accept key assumptions or fine-tune them for greater precision. Then select your solutions for better performance, and watch your savings grow.

  • 20% Less Energy - choose from efficient HVAC systems, superior glass,low-energy lighting, solar solutions, and more.
  • 20% Less Water - choose from low-flow faucets, efficient water closets, recycled water systems, and more.
  • 20% Less Embodied Energy in Materials - choose from floor, roof, wall, and window construction with low embodied energy.
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Low Carbon Development
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Sub-national, Project, & Local/Community level
Urban (special case)
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EDGE is available for new building projects in emerging markets.To use the EDGE software, your business can reside anywhere in the world but your project must be built in one of more than 100 specified emerging market countries (in blue). EDGE is currently focused on developing capacity in eight countries (in green).
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e-Learning available
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​Case studies:​ Expand your knowledge about EDGE through tooltips, user guides, and the methodology report.:​