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CRiSTAL is a project planning tool that helps users design activities that support adaptation to climate variability and change. CRiSTAL stands for “Community-based Risk Screening Tool – Adaptation and Livelihoods”:“Community-based” – CRiSTAL focuses on projects at the local community level.“Risk Screening” – CRiSTAL helps users to identify and prioritize climate risks that their projects might address.“Adaptation and Livelihoods” – CRiSTAL helps users to identify livelihood resources most important to climate adaptation and uses these as a basis for designing adaptation strategies.

CRiSTAL is a participatory tool based on the use of community consultations. It can help users understand:How current and potential future climate hazards affect/may affect a project area and local livelihoods.How men and women respond to the current and potential future impacts of these climate hazards.Which livelihood resources are most affected by current climate hazards and which ones are mostimportant for the response strategies.How project activities affect access to, or availability of, these critical livelihood resources.What project adjustments (revision of existing activities and/or design of new activities) can bemade to support climate adaptation and reduce climate risk.To what extent the project contributes to climate adaptation.

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Climate Resilient Development
Screening, Monitoring & Evaluation
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Sub-national, Project, & Local/Community level
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All countries
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