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​This biblography tool contains 2668 unique citations with abstracts, classified as of 7/20/12 when this workbook was produced. Citations have been classified and distributed across 18 topic areas related to the impact of Climate Change on Health. Because citations can be classified across several topic areas, citations can occur multiple times in the workbook.

The topic areas used are: Heat, Air Pollution, Extreme Weather/Injuries, Wildfire, Allergies, Vector Borne Disease (VBD), Food and Water Borne Disease (FWBD), Mental Health, Food Insecurity, Water Insecurity, Toxicity, Displacement/Migration/Conflict, Cost, Adaptation/Preparedness strategies, CoBenefits/CoHarms, Communications, Climate Justice/Equity, and General Climate Change and Health.

Columns have been incorporated which simplify searching on key variables. Such columns include Location of study or geographical focus of the citation (US, Global (worldwide or NOS), and Non-US (specific region or location outside of the US); Type of Study (Models/analyses intended to predict future levels of disease/outcome; or M/M - referring to studies of mortality or morbidity, or epidemiologic analyses of disease and exposure); Review which refers to whether the citation functions as a review article. For Extreme Weather, VBD, and FWBD, there are additional columns which refer to Hurricanes, types of VBD, or types of FWBD, respectively. For these and Heat, there is a column indicating papers on Warning Systems.

This is not solely a CDC product. It is a product of the Climate Change and Human Health Group (CCHHG) of the United States Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).

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