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Standards and labeling (S&L) programs for residential and commercial products depend on accurate and locally-relevant information at the level of an individual household or commercial enterprise. Good quality equipment ownership and use patterns are the technical foundation for the assessment and development of any energy efficiency policy.

Residential and commercial survey datasets provide an indication of ownership rates, common product classes, and use patterns for a variety of products. In addition, they yield market information such as brand, model type and price paid for common equipment. Recognizing the value of facilitating the collection of quality data for use in S&L programs, CLASP, with the support of the United Nations Foundation, has developed a publicly available set of tools as a resource to program managers and analysts.

There are two survey types provided - residential (RECS) and small business (SBECS). In many countries around the world, small shops, restaurants, offices and other small businesses use equipment that is similar to that used in residences for lighting, refrigeration, heating and cooling, and water heating. Therefore, the two surveys have many common elements. Large and specialized commercial equipment are not covered.

Survey Spreadsheets:

The tools provided are (1) standard printable survey forms, and (2) data entry and collection software. These elements are combined into a single Microsoft Excel spreadsheet. The files are designed such that a printout can be made, constituting an exact hardcopy survey form for use in the field by interviewers. Once data is collected, the same files are used to transfer the collected data efficiently and accurately into a datasheet, which can then be used for analysis

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