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Clean Air Asia, with support of its partners including the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum, developed CitiesACT. CitiesACT is an online database providing access to air quality, climate change, transport and energy data and indicators for Asian cities and countries. CitiesACT is part of the Clean Air Portal and maintained by Clean Air Asia. Data on air pollution, GHG and climate change, energy and transport in Asia are often incomplete, lacking or dated. Whenever available, these are usually spread across different agencies and institutions. Often this requires having to contact individual organizations and request the data, which can be in different formats. This process of data collection is time consuming and inefficient, making it difficult for researchers and policy makers to find relevant data quickly and efficiently. In addition, data on air quality or GHG emissions are often presented in isolation from data on population, economy, energy and transport structure. This makes it more difficult to utilize the data for effective policy making.   The main objective of the citiesact portal is to provide data and indicators on air quality, transport and climate (GHG emissions) for countries and cities in Asia. Data are compiled from international and national statistical sources, national and local statistical yearbooks, responses to survey questionnaires, secondary data sent by Clean Air Asia country networks and partners, and personal correspondence with national ministries, among others. CitiesACT also contains air pollution and GHG emissions indicators for transport and energy generated by Clean Air Asia. Popular Clean Air Asia data charts, graphs and maps can also be accessed here! An overview of data and indicators available is available here.  

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Currently, data uploaded covers the following countries: Mongolia, P.R. China,South Korea,Japan, Pakistan, India, Nepal,Bhutan,Bangladesh,Sri Lanka,Vietnam,Laos,Cambodia,Thailand,Malaysia,Indonesia,Philippines,Singapore
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