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The course builds on existing PoA guidebooks and assessment reports and shows to fund and structure large umbrella programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

‘Programs of Activities (PoA) consist of activities that would have been difficult, costly and time-consuming to develop under a project-by-project basis. The PoA approach broadens the scope of use of carbon finance as a tool to reduce emissions.

Programmatic CDM also increases the chances of small and poor countries to access the carbon finance market while supporting their development goals. In these countries, single projects are often too small to be commercially attractive. As a consequence, many small and poor countries are not benefiting from the CDM at the moment. WBI strengthens developing countries’ capabilities to enable their effective participation in global carbon market.

Municipalities, city utilities and other urban stakeholders from the private and public sector can integrate programmatic CDM into their business and finance plans and make it part of their management processes across various sectors.

The course builds work developed by strategic partners such as the German Development Bank (KfW), United Nations Environment Program ( UNEP) RISØ, and the World Bank.

CDM Programme of Activities: Challenges and Opportunities is delivered in four modules which take about 8 hours. It uses interactive presentations and provides discussion forums.

Specific learning objectives of the e-Learning course on CDM PoA include:

  • Understand the Rationale for Developing PoA (why PoA?)
  • Understand Rules and Structure (what PoA?)
  • Identify Potential Sectors where PoA can be effectively applied (where PoA?)
  • Understand Financial Issues and Contractual Arrangements (how PoA?)
  • Identify possible linkages with other policy instruments.
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Low Carbon Development
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