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This guide explores why mainstreaming DRM into development policy has had widely varying results between countries. In doing so, we attempt to delve beneath the surface of mainstreaming and identify the ways forward for integrating short- and long-term considerations for disaster risk reduction in important development sectors. Developed by Amy Kirbyshire and Aditya Bahadur at the Overseas Development Institute, together with Dina Khan of LEAD and Mihir Bhatt of the All India Disaster Management Institute, the guide draws on the experience of CDKN’s programmes on climate-related disaster risk management (DRM) within the context of climate compatible development. We demonstrate that effective mainstreaming requires a supportive policy environment, leadership, knowledge of the relevant risks, risk management techniques that are appropriate to each context, consistent financing and innovation. We draw on empirical examples and relevant literature to suggest how to achieve these elements and present a clear way forward for governments seeking to mainstream disaster risk across different sectors.

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