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​The Clean Energy Solutions Center Ask an Expert service is available at no cost to government agency representatives from any country and the technical institutes assisting them.

The Clean Energy Solutions Center connects governments seeking policy information and advice with a policy expert who can provide reliable and unbiased quick-response advice and information.
The Ask an Expert service makes it easy to request assistance and in-depth answers to your policy questions. Simply register and complete the assistance form. Within two days, the Solutions Center will match you with one of our more than 30 global experts selected as authoritative leaders on specific clean energy policy topics.

What to Expect

After you register and submit a request, the Solutions Center will contact you within two days. If your request qualifies for assistance, you’ll be matched with the Solutions Center expert who is most qualified to help you. You will begin receiving policy assistance via phone and email consultations. It is that easy!


Who is eligible?

Clean energy policy support is available to representatives of government agencies and any technical institutes assisting governments.


How does the Solutions Center help?

The Clean Energy Solutions Center experts assist policymakers with many types of clean energy policy, including development of strategies, regulations and standards, financial incentives and deployment programs. These clean energy policy experts review drafts of measures and strategies, conduct research, share best practices from other countries, and engage in consultations by phone and email.
Solutions Center support is limited to remote assistance and clean energy policy topics. We do not provide assistance with project development or technology and system assessment.


12 May 2014: Partnership Announced

The Clean Energy Solutions Center and the International Renewable Energy Agency signed a memorandum of understanding establishing the Renewable Energy Policy Advice Network (REPAN). The jointly led network will leverage both organizations’ resources by coordinating a global network of experts and practitioners that helps countries design and implement renewable energy policies and programs.
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