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Analytica is a visual environment for building and analyzing quantitative models. It is widely used to build and explore models for energy, environment, and low-carbon planning. It is more visual, flexible, powerful – and less error-prone – than the common spreadsheet. It provides a transparent view of the model logic through the use of influence diagrams. Analytica speeds development with its simple but powerful language, Intelligent Arrays for dealing with multiple dimensions, and integrated Monte Carlo engine for risk and uncertainty. Analytica Free 101 costs nothing and lets you build models with up to 101 variables and other objects. You can distribute small and large models to end users at no cost using Analytica Free 101 or via the web using the Analytica Cloud Player. End users can change inputs, explore results, and save resulting as tables or graphs. Other Analytica versions offer full Analytical functionality, including the ability to create models with any number of variables, access spreadsheets and databases, and use power solvers to find optimum decision strategies.

Product Type
Focus Area
Climate Resilient Development
Low Carbon Development
Scope / Extension
Sub-national, Project, & Local/Community level
Coastal Areas (special case)
Urban (special case)
Methodological Steps
Spatial / Geographical Coverage Location
All Countries
(Not Open)
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System Requirements
All Editions run on Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, and Window Server 2003 and later. Each Edition needs at least 1 GB RAM. We recommend 3 or 4 GB RAM to run large models.
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