Datasets on the Climate-Smart Planning Platform

Reliable, and up-to-date datasets at the global, regional, and national levels are crucial to any climate-smart planning exercise. Yet, there are often large data gaps for many countries, sectors, and topics. The Climate-Smart Planning Platform seeks to improve access to core datasets. It will broaden current offerings to include better technology cost assumptions, low-carbon impact assessments, and other important datasets.

The platform is adding datasets that focus on the needs of practitioners working in developing countries on low-emission development and climate resilient projects and shares important contributions from users through its built-in wiki.

The platform links data needed for climate-smart planning from multiple organizations and provides a standard open-source application programming interface that makes this data easily accessible. Ultimately it will support the development of a new generation of modeling tools that link directly to the data that they need.

The data catalogs that are included in the platform are open and free of charge and will be continuously expanded and updated. We encourage users with relevant data to contribute to the catalog.

If you do not find the data that meets your specific needs, please let us know. We will try to help.

Alphabetical listing of datasets


Examples of currently available datasets include:

Reegle Clean Energy Info Portal
The portal is a content-rich clean energy portal that draws more than 220,000 visitors per month; many from developing regions. It provides information from thousands of trusted sources and makes sense of it all with clear, concise presentation. All data sets are available for re-use by others.

The Open EI Platform
Open EI is an international knowledge sharing online community dedicated to connecting people with the latest energy information and data. Open EI uses open data to connect people with accessible and machine-readable energy data.

Transparent Cost Database
The Transparent Cost Database collects comparative program cost and performance estimates for energy technologies. It includes literature on current and future technology cost and performance estimates for vehicles, biofuels, and electricity generation.

World Bank Open Data Catalog
The data catalog is a list of datasets and databases available from the World Bank and other sources in several different formats. The catalog includes socio-economic indicators as well as historical and projected climate data available through an open-source applications programming interface (API).

World Bank Climate Change Knowledge Portal
The Climate Change Knowledge Portal is a central hub of information, data and reports on climate change. Datasets in the portal are available for sites, countries, continents, and major river basins of the world. Climate datasets are also available from Global Circulation Models (GCMs) at different scales to download and visualize.