Climate Information

This Climate page of the Climate-Smart Planning Platform gives the user access to important sets of historical and projected future climate and weather data from our partners. The objective is to provide development practitioners with a selection of high quality resources that they can explore to evaluate climate related vulnerabilities and risks at multiple levels of details, both for historical and for future tendencies.

It will assist answering questions such as:

  • What are the historical trends in the major climate (e.g. maximum temperature) and climate-related factors (e.g. drought frequency) of importance to my country and sector?
  • How are the major climate and climate-related factors of importance to my sector projected to change?
  • Is there uncertainty regarding what these changes will be?
  • Are there specific times of the year where there is more certainty on projected changes than others?

The platform is continually adding climate-related material to help practitioners working in developing countries on low-emissions development and climate-resilient projects. If you do not find the data that meets your specific needs, please let us know. We will try to help.

Alphabetical listing of climate portals

Examples of currently available knowledge and learning products include:

Climate Change Knowledge Portal (CCKP)Climate Change Knowledge Portal (CCKP)
The CCKP provides a web-based platform to assist in capacity building and knowledge development. The CCKP consists of spatially referenced data visualized on a Google Maps interface. Users are able to evaluate climate-related vulnerabilities, risks, and actions for a particular location on the globe by interpreting climate and climate-related data at different levels of details.The CCKP contains environmental, disaster risk, and socio-economic datasets, as well as synthesis products, such as the Climate Risk and Adaptation Country Profiles, which are built and packaged for specific user-focused functions such as climate change indices for a particular country. The portal also provides intelligent links to other resources and tools.