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The reegle.info tagging API has been developed for automated tag extraction of clean energy and climate relevant resources... Read More
​Interactive clean energy maps providing worldwide energy statistics via geo-browsing... Read More
CLASP’s Global Database allows policymakers and appliance energy efficiency experts to compare policies and regulations across countries and by product... Read More
Towards Low Emissions, Climate Resilient Development: World Bank Climate Change Group’s Learning on Climate Policy and Finance. You can explore interactive learning products such as courses, videos and webinars... Read More
Use CLASP's Policy Analysis Modeling System (PAMS) to forecast the impacts of S&L policies... Read More
VEDA is a powerful yet user friendly set of tools geared to facilitate the creation, maintenance, browsing, and modification of the large data bases required by complex mathematical and economic models... Read More
This tool provides ex-ante estimations of the impact of agriculture and forestry development projects on GHG emissions and carbon sequestration, indicating its effects on the carbon balance... Read More
Analytica is a visual environment for building and analyzing quantitative models. It is widely used to build and explore models for energy, environment, and low-carbon planning... Read More
The ETSAP Energy Demand Technology Data Source (E-TechDS) Technology Briefs offer consistent sets of data on energy supply and demand technologies to help analysts to build their own energy system model... Read More
The UCL Energy Institute has developed and regularly uses many different types of energy models for different purposes at UK, European and global scales... Read More
The MARKAL and TIMES Model Generators are the source codes, which process each set of data files (the model) and generate a matrix with all the coefficients that specify the economic equilibrium model of the energy system as a mathematical... Read More
TIMES has been developed under the auspice of the IEA-ETSAP as the evolutionary successor to MARKAL... Read More
ANSWER is a user friendly Windows interface with a gentle learning curve specifically developed for working with the MARKAL or TIMES energy system model... Read More
The Solar Prospector is a web-based mapping and analysis tool designed to provide access to geospatial data relevant to the solar industry in general and for the fitting of utility-scale solar plants in particular... Read More
The System Advisor Model (SAM) is a performance and financial model designed to facilitate decision making for people involved in the renewable energy industry... Read More
The Terrestrial Carbon Assessment Toolkit, provides step-by-step requirements to estimate terrestrial carbon stocks and emission factors from various land cover types; critical for any climate change mitigation effort... Read More
The Jobs and Economic Development Impact (JEDI) spreadsheet-based, input-output tool can be used to estimate economic impacts from investments in renewable and non-renewable energy technologies... Read More
​The guideline is aimed at supporting planners for integrating renewable energy with the climate change issues in preparing District Climate and Energy plans (DCEPs), including energy planning steps and inter-linkage with climate change... Read More
The Vehicle and Infrastructure Cash-Flow Evaluation Model (VICE) assists fleets and businesses in evaluating the profitability of potential CNG projects... Read More
aWhere interpolates data collected from global meteorological stations and orbiting satellites, providing accurate agro-meteorological data in detailed 9km grids... Read More
CREST is a levelized cost of energy spredsheet tool designed to support; i) policymakers in determining cost-based incentives and; ii)developers in doing general assessments of project economics... Read More
The Vehicle Cost Calculator is a high-level screening tool that compares the ownership costs and greenhouse gas emissions among alternative fuel vehicles, advanced technology vehicles, and conventional vehicles currently on the market... Read More
This planning tool helps your vehicle fleet reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. It ceates a comprehensive plan for your fleet by using several savings methods... Read More
Estimates the energy production and cost of energy of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) energy systems throughout the world... Read More
FASTSim estimates the cost effectiveness of advanced vehicle powertrains. Vehicle characteristics are loaded, customized and then simulated through a speed vs. time drive cycle to estimate efficiency, performance, cost, and battery life... Read More