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In this policy brief, Moving forward on climate change planning – lessons from Orissa, CDKN examines the first Indian state to produce a climate change action plan (CCAP), Orissa... Read More
Climate Compatible Development emphasises climate strategies that embrace development goals and development strategies that integrate the threats and opportunities of a changing climate... Read More
CLASP’s Standards and Labeling Global Database allows policymakers and appliance energy efficiency experts to compare policies and regulations across countries and by product... Read More
The CLASP MV&E Publication Library provides a database of resources for improving the implementation of monitoring, verification, and enforcement policies, frameworks, and activities... Read More
PMR Technical Note 5, Options and Guidance for the Development of Baselines, is designed to support PMR “Implementing Countries” that are considering the establishment of new mechanisms for climate change mitigation... Read More
NREL's Project Finance team conducts research, performs analysis, and produces content aimed to inform decision makers in the renewable energy field... Read More
The NREL CSP Project database helps utilities, financiers, manufacturers, project developers and governments find information on concentrating solar power projects around the world... Read More
NREL’s Global RE Opportunity Tool enables quick, intuitive analysis and visualization of key information for a variety of solar technologies... Read More
Open and accessible knowledge base of best practice drawn from MAPS research, workshops, and country processes on topics of interest to the Climate Change and Development community... Read More
NREL's MapSearch is an easily searchable database of its collection of maps created by NREL's Geographic Information System (GIS) team... Read More
NREL’s SWERA program provides easy access to high quality renewable energy resource information and data to users all around the world... Read More
The Introductory e-Course on Climate Change is a free eLearning course that will provide “everything you need to know” about the basics of climate change. It is a part of the UN CC:Learn The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership... Read More
IRENA’s cost analysis programme is designed to improve publicly available analysis and data on costs to allow policy makers and investors to make robust decisions about the role of renewables... Read More
The "MRV Guidebook for Policy Makers" aims to present information on existing MRV arrangements for greenhouse gases under the UNFCCC... Read More
The UNDP/World Bank Climate Finance Options (CFO) Platform is a jointly developed web-based knowledge platform that provides a conduit of information on investment finance... Read More
REmap 2030 provides a plan to double the share of renewable energy in the world’s energy mix between 2010 and 2030... Read More
This working paper explores the many successful strategies and measures for climate resilience and low carbon development that communities and leaders have pursued at the subnational level... Read More
The IRI Data Library is a vital global public good that serves as a springboard for users worldwide to incorporate science-based approaches for climate conscious planning and decision making... Read More
This working paper considers some of the various drivers behind countries’ climate compatible development (CCD) strategies and their incentives for engaging on this agenda... Read More
‘What’s in it for Small Island Developing States’ presents key findings from the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) for Small Island Developing States (SIDS)... Read More
‘What’s in it for South Asia’ presents key findings from the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) for South Asia... Read More
‘What’s in it for Africa’ presents key findings from the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report (AR5) for Africa... Read More
This report is the most comprehensive and up-to-date status survey and gap assessment of renewable energy in Central America... Read More
CDKN aims to help decision-makers select and deploy financial instruments – such as grants, concessional loans, equity and guarantees — to fund climate adaptation and mitigation activities... Read More
The Emissions & Generation Resource Integrated Database (eGRID) is a comprehensive source of data on the environmental characteristics of electric power generated in the United States... Read More