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​The Hands-on Energy Adaptation Toolkit is designed to lead you through as assessment of climate vulnerabilities and adaptation options in the energy sector of your country... Read More
TEEMP is an excel-based model initially developed by the Clean Air Initiative Asia for evaluating the emissions impacts of ADB's transport project and has been modified and extended for GEF projects... Read More
Clean Air Asia, with support of its partners including the Asian Development Bank, the World Bank and the Global Atmospheric Pollution Forum, developed CitiesACT... Read More
Together with partner organizations CAI-Asia works to improve access to air quality and climate change data with the aim to enrich policy relevant to energy, transport and urban development... Read More
  Clean Air Asia has developed calculation tools to assist industries in establishing a GHG and Air Pollutant Emissions Accounting System and to determine their next steps in managing emissions... Read More
  This toolkit is an excel-based model that estimates the baseline fleet emissions and evaluates the impact of applying different technologies and strategies to improve vehicle efficiency... Read More
HOMER is a computer model that simplifies the task of designing distributed generation (DG) systems - both on and off-grid... Read More
The ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager® is an online tool you can use to measure and track energy and water consumption, as well as greenhouse gas emissions... Read More
In 2009, the Energy Community of Practice (CoP) of the Asian Development Bank developed a set of indicators covering the 2009 Energy Policy and the ADB’s corporate results framework level 2 indicators... Read More
EnergyPlus is a physics-based timestep modeling engine, which focuses on energy efficiency of new and retrofit buildings, modelling energy and water use in buildings. It provides detailed modeling on the component/system level... Read More
​This publication, Guidelines for Climate Proofing Investment in the Transport Sector: Road Infrastructure Projects, aims to present a step-by-step methodological approach to assist project teams to incorporate climate change adaptation... Read More
EFFECT is a bottom up, excel-based accounting framework, intended for forecasting GHG emissions and variables such as energy consumption and supply... Read More
GEMIS is a life cycle analysis-based bottom-up model, designed to determine environmental impacts of energy, material and transport systems... Read More
The NAMA-Tool consists in a methodological guidance that provides developers and implementers of NAMA with brief step-by-step instructions on how to develop a NAMA... Read More
TOSCA is a project on Life Cycle Management aiming to show how companies can work towards sustainability,addressing the total value chain of a product,from extraction of resources to end of life... Read More
The Centre for Climate Change Economics and Policy (CCCEP) produces a wide range of policy briefs and papers, which are all free to download... Read More
The RETScreen Clean Energy Project Analysis Course is a collection of “self-study" distance learning format presentations, reports and sample policies... Read More
DANTES is an assesment study of sustainability tools such as Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), Environmental Risk Assessment (ERA), Life Cycle Cost (LCC) and Environmental Product Declarations (EPD)... Read More
The Knowledge Navigator is a categorized dataset of Climate Change platforms covering adaptation, mitigation and development; through an interactive widget users discover appropriate websites... Read More
The LGO Protocol is an unprecedented collaboration between ICLEI, the California Air Resources Board, the California Climate Action Registry, and The Climate Registry... Read More
ICLEI-USA has produced the RC Protocol in recognition of the contribution recycling and composting can make to greenhouse gas reduction efforts... Read More
This is an excel-based tool, designed to assist project developers in calculating project-specific ex-ante greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to be used during energy efficiency projects... Read More
The reegle.info tagging API has been developed for automated tag extraction of clean energy and climate relevant resources... Read More
​Interactive clean energy maps providing worldwide energy statistics via geo-browsing... Read More
CLASP’s Global Database allows policymakers and appliance energy efficiency experts to compare policies and regulations across countries and by product... Read More