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The Global Atlas is a comprehensive information platform on the potential of renewable energy, providing resource maps and evaluation tools from leading technical institutes worldwide... Read More
REN21 Renewables Interactive Map is a research tool for tracking the development of renewable energy worldwide. It enables access to updated market and policy information at the country level... Read More
This is an Energy Supply Technology Data Source that offers consistent sets of data on energy supply technologies to help analysts build their own MARKAL-TIMES model... Read More
This toolkit includes key implementation/operational aspects, such as economic analysis and financial analysis (including carbon financing), elements of program design, methodologies and survey instruments for market assessment and... Read More
The data from Eldis is available for free through the Knowledge Services Open API. This API provides easy programmatic access to tens of thousands of thematically organised research documents... Read More
The Low Emissions Development Strategies (LEDS) Transportation Work Stream Toolkit provides access to technical resources, peer expert assistance, and training on transport systems... Read More
The ACTION star© is a graphic representation of six key policy actions that the IEA-RETD recommends for successful acceleration of renewable energy deployment... Read More
This handbook is designed to help those conducting research support advice to stakeholders on the potential impacts of climate change on the environment and their society and economy... Read More
This publication is intended to enable national policy makers and other stakeholders, such as the private sector and technical experts, to acquaint themselves with the concept of NAMA... Read More
This document provides an overview of baseline setting for greenhouse gas (GHG) crediting mechanisms. The first section briefly explains the general purpose and objectives of setting a crediting mechanism baseline... Read More
This Handbook provides a systematic approach for conducting technology needs assessments... Read More
This NAMA Guide is designed to build on countries’ relevant work in developing mitigation actions, for instance through their National Communications, as well as on the early experiences of some developing countries in NAMA formulation... Read More
This Primer is devoted to the financing of NAMAs and presents essential principles and models of financing... Read More
This guidebook addresses the challenge of accessing international financing for mitigation actions in developing countries... Read More
This guidebook provides transport options that not only minimize greenhouse gas emissions, but also offer a host of other economic, social and environmental benefits... Read More
This book presents a selection of papers on research projects carried out by recipients of the ECOPOLIS Graduate Research and Design Awards... Read More
Simon Maxwell, Executive Chair of CDKN, offers a five-point plan on how to win the public and policy argument on climate change... Read More
GPP 2020 aims to mainstream low-carbon procurement across Europe in support of the EU’s emissions reduction, renewable energy production and energy efficiency savings goals... Read More
The Green Economy Toolbox is a searchable database of resources to help countries transition to a green economy... Read More
The Climate Information Platform provides searchable databases and other sources of information for climate and sustainable development practitioners and stakeholders in developing countries... Read More
The Green LECRDS guidance manuals and toolkits provide project managers and developing country government decision-makers with low-carbon approaches to support their development agenda... Read More
IRELP is a multi-stakeholder partnership to offer and promote renewable energy learning and career opportunities. Developing a robust and highly skilled labor pool is the central motivator behind the initiative... Read More
This guidance note provides methodological and organizational guidance to countries interested in taking a strategic approach to climate change learning and skills development... Read More
The library of UN materials relevant for climate change learning;a part of the UN CC:Learn – The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership. Resources organized by 1... Read More
The Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform serves as the launch pad for accessing information on the United Nation’s sustainable development agenda... Read More