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ANSWER is a user friendly Windows interface with a gentle learning curve specifically developed for working with the MARKAL or TIMES energy system model... Read More
​The guideline is aimed at supporting planners for integrating renewable energy with the climate change issues in preparing District Climate and Energy plans (DCEPs), including energy planning steps and inter-linkage with climate change... Read More
aWhere interpolates data collected from global meteorological stations and orbiting satellites, providing accurate agro-meteorological data in detailed 9km grids... Read More
​The reegle thesaurus is one of the most comprehensive thesauri (more than 2000 terms) describing the field of renewables, efficiency, REDD, green growth and climate change... Read More
​This green growth country assessment for Former Yugoslav Republic (FYR) Macedonia aims to define the outlines of a green growth path and the initial steps along that path... Read More
​Browse country-specific information and find the latest document additions relating to your region... Read More
The study provides technical and policy recommendations and cost estimates to Brazil on how to achieve development objectives while reducing net national GHG emissions... Read More
​The LEDS Global Partnership offers no cost, remote assistance to support development and implementation of low emission development strategies to governments and technical institutes... Read More
​The Climate Change Assessment (CCA) includes an analysis of options for low-carbon development in selected sectors, including power, oil and gas, transport, and agriculture... Read More
​For each country a comprehensive set of energy-related information is available on reegle... Read More
​The reegle data portal for developers provides key datasets from reegle, free for re-use in 3rd party applications, widgets and websites... Read More