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This brief by the Caribbean Community Climate Change Centre describes how decision-making processes based on risk management will help the Caribbean rise to the challenge of climate change... Read More
Quality-at-entry reviews of the 138 projects approved to implement National Adaptation Programmes of Action (NAPAs). Conclusions: The majority of NAPA implementation projects are aligned with their NAPA... Read More
The carbonn Cities Climate Registry (cCCR) is the leading global reporting platform of local climate action... Read More
CCaLC LITE is a simplified version of the CCaLC carbon footprinting tool that enables quick and easy estimations of carbon footprints of everyday products... Read More
The BEFS Operator Level Tool is a web-based tool that can provide a preliminary indication of potential risks and benefits for food security from agricultural/bioenergy investments... Read More
The Practical Evaluation Tools for Urban Sustainability is an online tool to help people consider the impacts of buildings and infrastructure on the environment, society and the economy... Read More
TheBioenergy and Food Security (BEFS) Approach of FAO supports countries in developing evidence based bioenergy policies derived from country level information and cross institutional dialogue involving relevant stakeholders... Read More
CCaLC is used to help estimate and manage carbon footprints and other environmental impacts at minimum cost... Read More
CRiSTAL is a project planning tool that helps users design activities that support adaptation to climate variability and change... Read More
  HEAT+ isICLEI’s multilingual online emissions inventory tool to help Local Governments account for greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants in local communities... Read More
While CCaLC is a calculator tool, CCaLC Optimiser is an optimisation tool, which enables reduction of carbon footprints at minimum cost, subject to system constraints. CCaLC Optimiser can be used either coupled with CCaLC or on its own... Read More
CaLC BIOCHEM is a CCaLC tool tailored specifically for the bio-based sector with in-built case studies are specific to the bio-based sector and include biofuels, biofeedstocks and food & drink case studies... Read More
  This document provides overview guidance to beginning a formal adaptation response by local government... Read More
Open EI - Open Energy Information is an international knowledge sharing online community dedicated to connecting people with the latest energy information and data... Read More
MCA4climate is a major new UNEP initiative providing practical assistance to governments in preparing their climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies... Read More
Energy Efficient Cities Case Studies Database is home to several dozen urban energy efficiency case studies across all sectors in both developing and developed countries... Read More
Demand for agricultural commodities is one of the major drivers of land use change and deforestation. This siting tool help identifying areas suitable for sustainable agricultural expansion... Read More
The Knowledge Navigator is a categorized dataset of Climate Change platforms covering adaptation, mitigation and development; through an interactive widget users discover appropriate websites... Read More
The reegle.info tagging API has been developed for automated tag extraction of clean energy and climate relevant resources... Read More
Towards Low Emissions, Climate Resilient Development: World Bank Climate Change Group’s Learning on Climate Policy and Finance. You can explore interactive learning products such as courses, videos and webinars... Read More
The Metadata Access Tool for Climate and Health (MATCH) is a publicly accessible, online tool that offers centralized access to metadata about thousands of government-held datasets related to health, the environment, and climate-science... Read More
VEDA is a powerful yet user friendly set of tools geared to facilitate the creation, maintenance, browsing, and modification of the large data bases required by complex mathematical and economic models... Read More
Analytica is a visual environment for building and analyzing quantitative models. It is widely used to build and explore models for energy, environment, and low-carbon planning... Read More
The MARKAL and TIMES Model Generators are the source codes, which process each set of data files (the model) and generate a matrix with all the coefficients that specify the economic equilibrium model of the energy system as a mathematical... Read More
TIMES has been developed under the auspice of the IEA-ETSAP as the evolutionary successor to MARKAL... Read More