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The data from Eldis is available for free through the Knowledge Services Open API. This API provides easy programmatic access to tens of thousands of thematically organised research documents... Read More
​This biblography tool contains 2668 unique citations with abstracts, classified as of 7/20/12 when this workbook was produced... Read More
This handbook is designed to help those conducting research support advice to stakeholders on the potential impacts of climate change on the environment and their society and economy... Read More
This Handbook provides a systematic approach for conducting technology needs assessments... Read More
This guidebook reviews options for international financing of adaptation activities and projects in developing countries... Read More
This book presents a selection of papers on research projects carried out by recipients of the ECOPOLIS Graduate Research and Design Awards... Read More
This guide explores why mainstreaming DRM into development policy has had widely varying results between countries... Read More
This working paper explores how local actors can pilot small-scale innovations and showcase them until their approaches are replicated and local practices become widespread... Read More
Simon Maxwell, Executive Chair of CDKN, offers a five-point plan on how to win the public and policy argument on climate change... Read More
The Climate Information Platform provides searchable databases and other sources of information for climate and sustainable development practitioners and stakeholders in developing countries... Read More
The Green LECRDS guidance manuals and toolkits provide project managers and developing country government decision-makers with low-carbon approaches to support their development agenda... Read More
This guidance note provides methodological and organizational guidance to countries interested in taking a strategic approach to climate change learning and skills development... Read More
The library of UN materials relevant for climate change learning;a part of the UN CC:Learn – The One UN Climate Change Learning Partnership. Resources organized by 1... Read More
The Sustainable Development Knowledge Platform serves as the launch pad for accessing information on the United Nation’s sustainable development agenda... Read More
The curriculum explores the concept of climate finance,best practices for scaling it up and how developing countries can design investment strategies to finance mitigation and adaptation action... Read More
This curriculum explores how urban regions can plan and use practical tools, methodologies and policy instruments to lead and mainstream climate action into urban development plans... Read More
In this curriculum you will explore policy instruments such as carbon pricing, regulatory and market-based approaches that can help countries spur low emissions, climate resilient development... Read More
UNEPLive supports the demand for substantiated, contextualized knowledge about the environment by providing a clearinghouse of data sets, knowledge flows, and communities of networks... Read More
The Federal Support Toolbox for integrated Water Resources is a USACE initiative that started in 2005 prior to Building Strong Collaborative Relationships for a Sustainable Water Future project... Read More
The CCKP provides a web-based platform to assist in capacity building and knowledge development. The CCKP consists of spatially referenced data visualized on a Google Maps interface... Read More
IDRIS+, the IDRC Development Research Information System is a comprehensive database of IDRC project information.  Content includes project titles, abstracts, and funding information for all IDRC projects since 1970... Read More
EPA has developed CREAT, a software tool to assist drinking water and wastewater utility owners and operators in understanding potential climate change threats and in assessing the related risks at their individual utilities... Read More
EnviroAtlas is a collection of interactive tools and resources that allows users to explore the many benefits people receive from nature, often referred to as ecosystem services... Read More
A number of resources exist to help public officials and others with climate change adaptation planning... Read More
Identifying risks associated with climate change and managing them to reduce their impacts is essential. Climate Ready Estuaries has resources and tools to help users identify, analyze, prioritize and reduce their climate change risks... Read More