About us

Mission of the Climate-Smart Planning Platform

The mission of the Climate-Smart Planning Platform (CSPP) is to help developing-country practitioners strengthen their climate-smart planning so that it leads to better policy and investment implementation. The CSPP does this by making it easier for practitioners to locate and access the tools, data, and knowledge that they need for climate-smart planning.

Multi-partner initiative

The CSPP is a multi-partner initiative that has about 60 leading organizations brought together by the World Bank. These partners provide the trusted, proven, tools, data, and knowledge products that are linked in the CSPP. The platform’s team is actively expanding partnerships with other leading institutions to broaden the offering of products. Over the next 18 months, the team will continue to add tools, data, knowledge products and learning initiatives to the platform to extend its coverage on low-emissions development and expand to broader issues of green growth and climate resilient development.

Climate Change Knowledge Portal

The CSPP integrates the existing World Bank’s Climate Change Knowledge Portal to provide access to comprehensive global, regional, and country-level climate-related information, data, and tools for resilience planning at different levels of detail. This portal currently receives some 1,000 visits a day, mainly from developing countries.

Social Integration and the Climate-Smart Planning Wiki

The CSPP also integrates the Climate-Smart Planning Wiki which allows countries and individual users to:

  1. Share reports, case studies, and experiences
  2. Share models, methods and procedures,
  3. Discuss problems, solutions, and findings
  4. Give and get help from other practitioners and experts

Users are invited to share the CSPP with friends and colleagues using its built-in social media. Users are also invited to rate and leave comments on all the products on the CSPP. These user ratings will provide much needed assistance to other users who are considering multiple choices for their modeling needs.

Guiding Principals

The CSPP in constructed under the following principles:

  Neutral: The platform will help users to identify the best tool and datasets for their needs through impartial advice and guidance
  Quality: The platform will be actively curated to maintain quality. All the content will be supported by accredited contributors and the platform’s partners
  Collaboration: The platform will help facilitate a community of practitioners around climate-resilient and low-carbon development tools. It will promote the sharing of informed comments and ratings on each item of content between users, and establish a semantic wiki that lets users share modified tools, relevant datasets, and to edit user content.
  Support: The platform will provide a help desk function to guide users on how to use different tools and application features. It will promote peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and, through partners, help users obtain expert advice on how to strengthen their climate-smart planning process, their selection of tools and datasets and knowledge of how to best apply them.

Implementing Partners

The World Bank and the Global Green Growth Institute are implementing partners of the Platform, as an affiliated program of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform and of the LEDS Global Partnership. Seed funding has been provided by the World Bank, the Global Green Growth Institute, and the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development, and discussions are on-going with other funding partners.


The prototype of the Climate-Smart Planning Platform was launched at the 2nd Annual Conference of the Green Growth Knowledge Platform in Paris in April, 2013, and the 3rd Global Green Growth Summit in Korea in June, 2013, as a static website containing a pilot set of about 30 well-established modeling tools, methods, and with support from 10 initial partners.

In June 2014, a new version was launched that was built around a leading open-source data management system. At this point in time the CSPP had 50 organizations as partners and 120 products (tools, datasets and knowledge products).

In December 2014, the CSPP was re-launched with the included Climate-Smart Planning Wiki to enhance the user integration. At that time, the 58 partner organizations offered 320 products.

Contact us

Feel free to contact us with your ideas, suggestions, tools and data at climatesmartplanning@worldbank.org